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Authorized Spokespeople

Name Title Location
Mona Zulficar Non-Executive, Chairperson of EFG Holding​ Egypt
Karim Awa​d Group CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee​ of EFG Holding Egypt
Mohamed Ebeid Co-CEO of the Investment Bank Egypt
Karim Moussa Co-CEO of the Investment Bank - Buy Side UAE
Walid Hassouna CEO of Valu Egypt
Aladdin ElAfifi CEO of EFG Finance Egypt
Ali Khalpey CEO, EFG Hermes Frontier London UAE
Hanaa Helmy Chief Sustainability Officer of EFG Holding,​ CEO of the EFG Foundation Egypt
Ahmed Waly Head of Securities Brokerage & CEO of EFG Hermes IFA Kuwait
Talal Al Ayat CEO, EFG Hermes Corp Solutions Egypt
Lilian Olubi CEO EFG Hermes, Nigeria Nigeria
Karim Baghdady CEO, EFG Hermes USA USA
Moustafa El Chiati CEO of EFG Hermes UAE, Head of Coverage UAE
Moustafa Gad Co-Head of Investment Banking Egypt
Mohamed Fahmi Co-Head of Investment Banking UAE
Nabil Moussa Head of Asset Management, Egypt Egypt
Samer Yassa Head of Private Equity, Egypt Egypt
Bakr Abdel Wahab Head of Infrastructure Investments, Private Equity​ Egypt
Hanzada Nessim Head of Investor Relations Egypt
Waleed Al-Naasan CEO Securities Brokerage, Jordan Jordan
Julian Bruce Head of Securities Brokerage, UAE UAE
Alaa ElDin Moustafa Head of Securities Brokerage, Oman Oman
Muathi Kilonzo Head of Equities, Kenya Kenya
Ahmed Shams El Din Head of Research Egypt
Hatem Alaa Deputy Head of Research/Head of Consumer & Healthcare Egypt
Omar Maher Vice President, Telecommunications Research Egypt
Ahmed Hazem Associate Vice President, Materials Research Egypt
Yousef Husseini Vice President, Petrochemicals Research Egypt
Mohamed Abou Basha Head of Macroeconomic Analysis, Research Egypt
Kato Mukuru ​ Head of Frontier Markets Research​ UAE
Simon Kitchen Head of Global Strategy, EFG Hermes Research​ UK
Ronak Ghadia Director, Sub-Saharan Africa Banks, Research UK
Luis Colaco Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Consumers, Research UK
Rajae Aadel Associate Director, Financials & Morocco Country Analyst, Research UAE
Elena Sanchez Head of Financials, Research UAE
Murad Ansari Head of Asia Research ex GCC, Research KSA
Moses Njuguna Vice President, Sub-Saharan Africa Cement, Research Kenya
Silha Rasugu Associate VP, Sub-Saharan Africa, Telecoms & Utilities, Research Kenya