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Our People

EFG Holding's success is built on the strength of our highly dedicated people. The Firm prides itself on its ability to recruit diverse talents and commitment to providing equal opportunities for all employees to grow and thrive within the Firm.

Learning and Development

EFG Holding is committed to providing our employees with the professional development opportunities they need to advance within the Firm and build exceptional careers.

In addition to recruiting top talent from around the world, EFG Holding provides our employees with the learning and development opportunities they need to harness their potential and build exceptional careers within the Firm and the industry. Throughout the year, all employees participate in a variety of trainings to enhance their knowledge and equip them with the skills needed to thrive in their individual roles. We are also known throughout our footprint for our flagship training programmes that provide us with a competitive advantage and raise the calibre of human capital in the market as a whole.

The Academy

The Academy is our flagship talent development programme designed to cultivate the key competencies and leadership capabilities of our employees. Executed by a team of globally recognized learning experts, The Academy provides our current and future leaders with the on-the-job expertise and motivation they need to grow professionally and contribute to EFG Holding’s success.


DNA is designed to identify your opportunities for growth and development and further your abilities in acquiring new skills and improving existing ones.

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